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Product Descriptions

Our women's grippy socks provide a unique combination of support, comfort, and flexibility. They feature a five-finger design with an anti-slip sole that keeps your feet securely in place during workouts or dance routines. The heel protector offers extra warmth and stability for professional dancers, while the lightweight fabric ensures breathability throughout your activity. Whether you’re practicing Pilates or ballet, these grippy socks will help keep you safe and comfortable!


grippy socks Five Finger Slipper

Grippy socks, also known as five finger slippers, are the latest trend in fashion and comfort. These soft, comfortable shoes come with an added bonus of a secure grip on any surface! Whether you're running errands around town or just want to step up your shoe game while getting comfy at home, grippy socks have you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore why grippy socks are so popular, the different types available, and how to find the perfect pair for you. We'll also look into what makes them so great for activities like yoga and Pilates, why they make such great gifts, and how to clean and care for them properly. Let's get started!

What are grippy socks?

Grippy socks are socks that have a grippy material on the bottom. This can be helpful for people who have trouble keeping their feet in place, or who want to avoid slipping on slippery surfaces. There are a variety of grippy socks available on the market, and they can be made from different materials. Some common materials used for grippy socks include rubber, silicone, and latex.

How do grippy socks work?

Grippy socks work by providing traction between your feet and the floor. This helps to prevent slips and falls, and makes it easier to walk or run on slippery surfaces. The socks are made from a variety of materials, including rubber, silicone, or fabric. Some grippy socks also have additio

The benefits of grippy socks

There are several benefits to wearing grippy socks, especially for those who enjoy activities such as yoga or Pilates. For one, they provide traction so you don't slip on your mat or floor. They also help keep your feet warm during cooler months. In addition, grippy socks can help promote better circulation in your feet and lower legs.


Grippy socks five finger slipper is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, non-slip sock. Not only does it provide superior comfort and fit, but the added grip provides extra traction when you need it most. Whether you’re lounging around or running errands, these socks are perfect for any occasion. With multiple colors to choose from and sizes ranging from small to large, there is no doubt that these grippy socks will be your go-to footwear accessory this season!


Suit for foot: 22.5cm-25.5cm

Sport Type: Yoga

Origin: Mainland China

Hose Height: SOCKS

Gender: WOMEN

Finger-separated: Yes